Strengths-based Assessments

Realize the power of insight.

Smart markets don’t try to become something they’re not—they capitalize on strengths and prepare for revolutionary technological industry growth. Waymaker collects and assimilates the market data most relevant to that growth. You see the path to unite private and public leaders, realigning your community’s siloed tech and innovation investments in the name of economic transformation.

Entrepreneurial Market Assessment

Waymaker’s custom assessment provides visibility into the strengths that make your market uniquely ideal for startups. We map resources in talent, capital and invention—the flagships of entrepreneurial success. You emerge certain about specific market investments to accelerate growth.

Economic Impact Analysis

Waymaker doesn’t just count and report your market’s “IT Services”—we work with industry leaders to customize your city’s technological economic value. With the right industry, economic and occupational data, you change the course from “there is no tech here,” to “we need to invest in tech immediately.”

Tech-ready Roadmaps

Optimize market growth by pointing to the same North Star.

Developing an agile strategy for tech is no easy feat in today’s super-dynamic, fast-paced environment. With Waymaker, you harness your market’s talent, capital, and brand resources with thoughtful timeline execution and powerful metrics to more efficiently meet the needs of your job creators.

Strategic Planning

We get it. Strategic plans often go adrift in today’s dynamic environment. Waymaker uses its decades-long experience leading transformational market change to develop a nimble (and pain-free) innovation plan. You meet the needs of private industry while honoring the deep investment and infrastructure of public institutions.

Performance Dashboards

Waymaker’s customized dashboards merge what we know about innovation economies with your community’s values system. You pace progress against your entrepreneurial counterparts, monitor investment ROI and make better decisions about the future using real-time data.

Applied Capacity Building

Get the network effect. Faster.

We’re not just planners and big-idea thinkers. We connect the most important job creator dots: talent pipelines, new IP and invention, and capital for growth. You build a network of the humans piloting your economy—the visionaries, creators and technologists eager to proudly put your market on the map.

Technology Councils

Let Waymaker help reduce the naysayers, drag and friction in your market by drafting visionary and collaborative executives and entrepreneurs. Waymaker knows what it takes to get big, transformational things done. You onboard ideal leaders with ideal resources.

Leadership Events

Steer your market with Waymaker’s experience planning and executing innovation conferences, C-suite events and elected official tours. We initiate relevant programming that accounts for your market’s position and earns the respect of outsiders. You land the reputation of being a recognized thought leader and talent magnet.

"Waymaker Group has become a trusted partner to Kenosha industry and civic leaders and helped us quicken the pace on a critical project that will transform our community’s economy. They push our market to position from our strengths, to think bigger about the region’s future and are sensitive to our community’s dynamics."

Mark Jaeger


Sr. Vice President, Jockey International, Inc.

"Every city needs somebody like Julie Huls. Julie has a unique talent to position stakeholders ahead of the curve while managing the fears and resistance typically associated with change. Her energy, vision, professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched."

Hugh Forrest


Cheif Programming Officer, SXSW

"Waymaker Group is an asset for any region trying to grow. Their ability to bring together leaders across entire spectrums was critical in making Austin the tech hub it is today and a testament to their transformational leadership ability."

Joel Trammell


CEO, Black Box

"The Waymaker Group brings the combined power of insight and collaborative leadership required to take innovation economies forward."

Susanne Bowen


SCEO, SaaS Advisor, Board Director

"If your goal is to position your market for success, Waymaker is your fastest way forward. People value their ability to combine data with soulful insight and organically follow their lead."

Larry Warnock


CEO, Olono

"As an investor, there’s no better group to have in my corner than Waymaker. Their ability to grasp long-range technology trends, along with their uncanny ability to read individual talent makes picking market winners that much easier."

Blair Garrou


Managing Director, Mercury Fund

"Julie Huls is a true transformational leader whose vision and dedication has been instrumental in growing the Austin tech community into what it is today."

Manoj Saxena


Venture Capitalist