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Dougan Sherwood

Entrepreneurial ecosystem and coworking analysis
Site selection analysis
Innovation district planning and development

Dougan spent more than ten years as a member of the senior leadership team at Cambridge Innovation Center, one of the oldest and largest shared office and coworking spaces in the United States. Recruited initially to manage CIC’s largest and most famous client, Google, Dougan grew to lead all sales and client relations for CIC in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA. In 2013, CIC ventured for the first time out of Cambridge to the Cortex Innovation District in St. Louis, MO., at which time Founder and CEO Tim Rowe tapped Dougan to lead the effort to build and operate CIC’s first expansion business. In St. Louis, Dougan successfully launched two sites totaling 120,000 square feet, including private space, coworking, and labs, growing the business to nearly 250 client companies and $3M in annual sales in its first 18 months.

Dougan returned to the Boston area in 2016 and for two years oversaw CIC’s expansion businesses in St. Louis, Miami, FL, and Rotterdam, NL, and led the “Launch” team responsible for the rollout of future sites including Philadelphia, PA, and Providence, RI. His work in these cities brought him into close working partnerships with public, private, and civic leaders, including state legislators, mayors, chancellors, entrepreneurs, corporate heads, and chambers of commerce leadership, among others.

In June 2018, Dougan left his role as Managing Director at CIC to focus on local economic development, a move intended to provide him with an even closer look at how cities – particularly underperforming cities – function at the intersection of public, private and civic governance. He has been serving as President and CEO of the Greater Haverhill Chamber of Commerce and a Managing Director of The Greater Haverhill Foundation. Dougan lives in West Newbury, MA, with his wife Kate, their two boys, Ben and Henry, and two dogs, Rudy and Tiny.

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