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Waymaker Group helps smart cities and their business leaders power institutional change fueled by technology and innovation.
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Waymaker Group helps leaders increase awareness, provides unique insight and counsel, and develops strategies that can guide a city beyond its traditional business model to become a strong, vibrant economy intent on growth, success and transformation.

Changing the Status Quo

Advisors at Waymaker Group have provided transformational leadership within some of the U.S.’s most successful technology ecosystems, acting as anchors for regional development, rallying and uniting disparate institutions and stakeholders and successfully launching initiatives that promote job growth and entrepreneurial success. Their business prowess and keen awareness of the swiftly-changing landscape have helped to align assets within the three most important categories in a tech-ecosystem: talent, capital and culture; the result of which is a vibrant and sustainable ecosystem.

Why Now?

No two cities are the same. Changing the perception of a city from its established identity into a thriving destination for technology business and innovation is daunting for even the most seasoned business and civic leaders. But as technology continues to remake the world and its economies, positioning your city as a knowledge hub is a crucial first step on the road to success. The skill set required to navigate these adaptions requires a rare combination of leadership, knowledge and experience that only Waymaker Group can bring to the table.

Innovation & Technology

Waymaker Group works with leaders around the country who seek to turn their cities into regional innovation-driven economies. We mobilize business councils and associations aiming to drive market cooperation and coach leaders on how to effectively serve as the voice of business for growth. We partner with private enterprise leaders from traditional industries, economic development organizations and technology companies looking to implement change at a pace required to survive and thrive in hyper-competitive environments.

"Waymaker Group has become a trusted partner to Kenosha industry and civic leaders and helped us quicken the pace on a critical project that will transform our community’s economy. They push our market to position from our strengths, to think bigger about the region’s future and are sensitive to our community’s dynamics."

Mark Jaeger


Sr. Vice President, Jockey International, Inc.

"Every city needs somebody like Julie Huls. Julie has a unique talent to position stakeholders ahead of the curve while managing the fears and resistance typically associated with change. Her energy, vision, professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched."

Hugh Forrest


Cheif Programming Officer, SXSW

"Waymaker Group is an asset for any region trying to grow. Their ability to bring together leaders across entire spectrums was critical in making Austin the tech hub it is today and a testament to their transformational leadership ability."

Joel Trammell


CEO, Black Box

"The Waymaker Group brings the combined power of insight and collaborative leadership required to take innovation economies forward."

Susanne Bowen


SCEO, SaaS Advisor, Board Director

"If your goal is to position your market for success, Waymaker is your fastest way forward. People value their ability to combine data with soulful insight and organically follow their lead."

Larry Warnock


CEO, Olono

"As an investor, there’s no better group to have in my corner than Waymaker. Their ability to grasp long-range technology trends, along with their uncanny ability to read individual talent makes picking market winners that much easier."

Blair Garrou


Managing Director, Mercury Fund

"Julie Huls is a true transformational leader whose vision and dedication has been instrumental in growing the Austin tech community into what it is today."

Manoj Saxena


Venture Capitalist