Waymaker Group accelerates economic prosperity by positioning leaders for success in innovation-based growth.

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We believe every city matters.

It’s not easy to transform an established market into a thriving destination for talent, invention and capital. But, with leadership, empathy, and expertise, Waymaker helps you navigate the emerging technologies best suited for success. Your market’s prosperity is essential to the larger economic network, and with Waymaker, you’ll gain a partner with a vested stake in the outcome.

Increase job growth in innovation/ technology

Position your market as a tech hub

Plan and integrate a new innovation center

Increase industry engagement

Build entrepreneurial ecosystems

Put your city back on the map.

Waymaker excels at optimizing innovation-based growth — with impactful data that validates your tech strength; custom industry engagement strategies that accelerate growth in high-impact clusters; and practices that shift the public narrative from negative to 21st-century-competitive.

Every city is a tech city.

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Milwaukee, WI

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Kenosha, WI

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Austin, TX

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The World is Flat. Now What.

The World is Flat. Now What.

Thomas Friedman caught our attention in 2005 with his now-famous book; The World is Flat. Millions of us in the middle U.S. had already started to live the reality of the book's premise, which was that business would soon be largely global, not local. Interesting then...

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“Every city needs somebody like Julie Huls. Julie has a unique talent to position stakeholders ahead of the curve while managing the fears and resistance typically associated with change. Her energy, vision, professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched.”

~Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer, SXSW

“Waymaker Group is an asset for any region trying to grow. Their ability to bring together leaders across entire spectrums was critical in making Austin the tech hub it is today and a testament to their transformational leadership ability.”

~Joel Trammell, CEOBlack Box

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