Waymaker Group helps visionary leaders in middle-tier markets build inclusive, innovation-driven economic development strategies that bring prosperity and opportunity for all.

We believe growth depends on digital economies and innovation.

Mayors, city managers and economic development leaders in middle tier markets are losing sleep
over declining tax bases and a rapidly shifting workforce. COVID-19 accelerated these fears:


U.S. growth rate 2019-2021- the lowest in 120 years due to low immigration, more deaths and fewer births


of the U.S. labor force will retire by 2030

The number of employees expected to relocate due in part to WFH (work-from-home)

*Sources: ERE Recruiting Intelligence, Brookings

We believe in inclusive and talent-driven strategies.

21st Century growth requires strategies that are centered around diversity, place, talent and innovation.

CEOs say they have trouble finding candidates with the right skills*

CEOs have pledged to support a more inclusive workplace for employees*

The number jobs that could go unfilled by 2030 because of the lack of skilled candidates*

*Sources: Manpower Group, CEO Action, Korn Ferry

We believe it takes capital to fuel growth.

It’s likely our generation will never see institutional investment in economic recovery like this again. 
Waymaker has specialized strategic and technical expertise in navigating your myriad funding options.

dollars in grant funding available through the Economic Development Administration (EDA)


of Census tracks that qualify for New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) funding*


of Census tracks qualified for Opportunity Zone (OZ) funding*

*Sources: Tax Policy Center, Economic Innovation Group, EDA

We believe access to prosperity and opportunity is deserved by all.

We focus on middle-tier markets because their inclusion is critical to the fabric of our national economy.
Starting and growing innovation systems requires unique expertise that Waymaker brings to the table.

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Employee & Talent Recruiting Strategies

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Strategic planning

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Place-based Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

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Funding Strategy

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Capacity Building

“Every city needs somebody like Julie Huls. Julie has a unique talent to position stakeholders ahead of the curve while managing the fears and resistance typically associated with change. Her energy, vision, professionalism and attention to detail are unmatched.”

~Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer, SXSW

“Waymaker Group is an asset for any region trying to grow. Their ability to bring together leaders across entire spectrums was critical in making Austin the tech hub it is today and a testament to their transformational leadership ability.”

~Joel Trammell, CEOBlack Box

We are successful when we partner with visionary, bold leaders.

Learn how Waymaker can accelerate your tech economy and mobilize your city's leadership.
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